Drag Queens at the UC

Drag is an incredible art form. A lot goes into it: hair and makeup, costuming, choreography, being able to jump into a split in seven-inch heels, and a great sense of humor.

If you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race you know that a key component of the extremely popular Snatch Game segment is not only the accuracy of a queen’s celebrity impression, but quick wit. For those of you who don’t know, Snatch Game is a segment on Drag Race in which the contestants do celebrity impressions and answer questions as those celebrities in a gameshow style.

Snatch Game, Season 7. (Photo from gambitmag.com.)

Drag Queens in general are known to be hilarious people.

I had the privilege of watching a drag show at the University Club (on University Ave) this weekend. The show was hosted by queen London T. Douglas, and featured several queens lip syncing for their lives.

RuPaul. (Source: giphy.com)

The type of humor drag queens use is so unique — they create a character and have her do standup, basically. The best part about the drag show at the UC was the audience interaction. As much as drag fans love Drag Race, it is a competition. Drag shows outside of that setting are even more uncensored than the shenanigans seen on Logo TV — not that they’re more inappropriate, but that they’re less afraid of bombing and more there to have a good time and make others happy.

London with an audience member at the University Club. Photo by Sarah Leinwand.

Going to a drag show is like going to a comedy show — but with more glitter. Comics and comedy fans can see that even in a drag show, much like in standup, there is a prepared set and jokes they want to land. But beyond that prepared set, there is a lot of improv due to the audience interaction, and it is obvious how naturally funny and witty the performers are.

Even if you’re not a drag fan or even remotely involved in the LGBT community, I highly recommend going to a drag show. It won’t disappoint.


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