Welcome to The Chomp Comedy, your source for comedy news and reviews at the University of Florida and in Gainesville.

This blog will bring you news about upcoming comedy events, as well as reviews of shows and groups at UF and Gainesville.

To begin, I’d like to introduce you to a few of the amazing comedy groups on the UF campus:

Theatre Strike Force

Improv Academy (Photo by

Theatre Strike Force is one of the most well known comedy groups on campus, as well as the longest running group, founded in 1989.

TSF provides improv and sketch-writing classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, open for anybody to join. They cover all the bases of comedy and put on shows that include short-form and long-form improv, musical improv, and sketch comedy.

There are several levels of classes and teams to join that range from just learning the basics of improv to writing full sketch shows and performing improv for an audience.


Generation Sketch Comedy

Students perform “The Sneeze” (Photo by Unknown /

Generation Sketch Comedy is a student-run comedy troupe founded in 2006. Generation holds auditions at the beginning of each semester. The cast meets twice a week to write and rehearse sketches for a comedy show they put on at the end of each semester, free to the public.

“Our purpose is to help members improve their writing and acting skills and give them the experience of putting on a comedy show, all while having fun and preparing a top-notch sketch comedy show.”



The Original Cast

The Original Cast (Photo by Ashley Arlow /

The Original Cast (formerly known as The Treble Makers), founded in 2012, do a unique kind of comedy: that does musical improvised comedy. This means that in addition to just improvising scenes, they come up with melodies and lyrics on the spot at each show. They rehearse together to become a coherent group of performers, but none of the actual performances they do are rehearsed – it’s all improvised.


Join us for more news & reviews coming soon!


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